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Turkey Burgers with Apple and Carrot Coleslaw

Serves 4 Preparation time 15 minutes Cooking time 15 minutes

500g minced turkey 2 tbsp fresh parsley 1 tbsp crème fraiche 1 egg ½ onion 2 garlic cloves crushed 2 tsps dried cumin 1 lemon 2 tbsp olive oil 1 apple 2 carrots 1 tsp Dijon mustard 4 wholemeal baps or rolls


1. Slice in half and boil the potatoes. 2. Prepare the burgers. Grate ½ an onion and chop 2 tbsp parsley. In a bowl mix together well the turkey mince, parsley, grated onion, crushed garlic, cumin, egg and 1 tbsp of crème fraiche. Season with a good pinch of salt and pepper. Divide the burger mix into 4 burgers (aprox 1.5cm thick). Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil and fry the burgers for 5 minutes on either side on a medium heat. Should be golden brown and cooked through. Use two large spoons to turn them over. 3. To make the coleslaw, peel and grate the carrot and apple. Mix together in a bowl with 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1tsp of Dijon mustard. Season to taste. 4. Serve the burgers on the bun with coleslaw to one side.

Calories 525


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