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I am Jessica Andersson, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, dedicated to improving your health through personalised nutrition.

"My aim is to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle by empowering you to make positive, sustainable changes for a happier, healthier you."

I offer a range of nutritional services, including sports nutrition, personalised consultations, diagnostic tests, meal plans, complete nutrition packages and more. I provide online consultations internationally and in the UK.

Optimise your health and performance with a bespoke nutrition programmme

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How I Can Help

I am Jessica a highly experienced qualified nutritional therapist, nutritional chef, food entrepreneur and health coach. I combine nutritional principles with dietary planning together with operating as an accomplished chef meeting the varied dietary needs and health goals of my clients.

You can get started today by booking a free 15 minute call with me to discuss your health needs and how I can help you. 

Looking for something specific?

I take a personalised and pragmatic approach to nutritional therapy by using my skills as a nutritional therapist and chef to help my clients reach their health goals.  


Together with my clients I develop an understanding of their individual nutritional needs and provide a personalised programme which includes a nutritional plan including meal plans and recipes. 


I specialise in gut health, sports nutrition, weight loss and working with families and children who need support with their health and diet. I take an holistic approach to health and, where appropriate, can arrange for supplementary diagnostic testing.

Weight Loss

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Gut Health

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Sports Nutrition

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Family Nutrition

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Are you a business owner?

I have also worked with a significant number of major corporate clients where I have provided a variety of services ranging from supporting employee health needs through to advising corporate clients on the provision of wellbeing services including in-house catering and employee health education.


As part of my corporate services I have advised a number of food companies on the development of their business propositions from a nutritional and wellbeing perspective.  This has included recipe development, food demonstrations and on-going staff training.

My corporate clients include: Google; Discovery; Nomura; BNP; Transport for London, Credit Suisse, Samsung and Gousto.

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Recipes & Tips

In addition to providing comprehensive and personalised services for my clients, I also post helpful links for site visitors to enjoy and benefit from. Although nothing beats a custom-tailored program, I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.

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“My mission is to empower my clients to reach their health goals through nutrition education, tools, resources and by providing ongoing support”.

If this is what you need then get in touch.

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