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Sports Nutrition 12 Week Program

Understand what your nutrition needs are to optimise your sports performance and recovery.

Service Description

This package is designed for sports participants of all levels. I will work with you to improve your performance and to meet your personal goals. The programme is tailored to support the needs of all levels ranging from enthusiastic beginners to sports professionals including keep fit enthusiasts. This personalised sports nutrition 12 week programme includes 23 sessions (one initial one hour consultation followed by 2 weekly 30 minute consultations). After the initial session, based on your goals, I will provide you with a nutrition plan which will include a meal plan, recipes and other resources which take into consideration your level of training and specific performance objectives. Areas covered will include pre and post workout fuelling including snacks and meal options, supplements, protein, fat and carbohydrate needs, hydration, gut health, blood sugar regulation, antioxidants, recovery, inflammation and immune health. Get in touch to book.

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