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Nutritional Therapy Package of 6

Full dietary assessment and nutrition consultation with ongoing coaching support to meet your goals.

Service Description

Nutritional Therapy Package X 6 (Package includes one initial consultation for 1 hour plus five 30 minute follow up sessions). This package is recommended to those who require ongoing nutrition support and coaching rather than a one-off consultation. The programme is designed especially for those who want to lose weight, suffer from gut issues, low energy, stress, and hormone or other system imbalances. Clients generally benefit from an ongoing program of personalised support and coaching over several sessions. In advance of the consultation I will send you a food diary and questionnaire which covers your current lifestyle, health and performance goals, a food diary and medical background. We will be discuss these during the session. Following this I will provide you with comprehensive personalised nutrition and dietary advice, resources, supplement recommendations and, depending on your needs, recipes and a meal plan. Your current lifestyle is taken in to consideration. I take a practical approach and aim to empower you to reach your goals and to enjoy making positive changes to your diet. For more complex cases you may require some diagnostic testing to look at potential issues, food intolerances, gut health or imbalances. I work with a number of laboratories that offer a comprehensive range of tests. Get in touch to book.

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